Auction Schedule

10:00 am

Title Condition
Acquire (edition: 3M Bookshelf) (published: 1968) good
Bears vs Babies excellent
Divinare excellent
Escape: The Curse of the Temple (published: 2014) excellent
Fabled Fruit + Lime Expansion excellent
Jaipur excellent
Jamaica excellent
Junk Art (edition: Wooden Pieces) good
Planet (edition: 1st) (published: 2018) excellent
String Railway excellent
Tokaido excellent

10:30 am

Title Condition
Castle Panic, plus organizer and The Wizards Tower expansion in one box (published: 2009 and 2011) excellent
Colt Express excellent
Crazy Karts good
Dragon Castle excellent
Evolution good
Iquazu (edition: Haba) good
K2 excellent
Piepmatz excellent
Splendor plus 5 Nobles promo tiles excellent
Stuffed Fables (published: 2018) excellent
Tokyo Highway (edition: four-player edition) (published: 2018) excellent

11:00 am

Title Condition
Alexandria (published: 2017) excellent
Brew Crafters excellent
Castles of Mad King Ludwig (published: 2014) excellent
Chronicles of Crime (edition: English Edition) (published: 2018) excellent
Deception: Murder in Hong Kong (published: 2014) excellent
Ex Libris (published: 2017) excellent
Formula D (edition: English Edition) (published: 2015) excellent
Karmaka (edition: Hemisphere Games English Kickstarter ed) (published: 2016) excellent
Sagrada excellent
Star Realms Colony Wars w/ expansions and hard box excellent
TMNT Shadows of the Past excellent

11:30 am

Title Condition
13 Days - The Cuban Missile Crisis good
1776 (edition: Avalon Hill, 1st edition) (published: 1974) good
Between Two Cities excellent
Burgle Bros excellent
Century Spice Road (edition: English-Only 1st Edition ) (published: 2017) excellent
Flash Point: Fire Rescue (published: 2011) good
Healthy Heart Hospital (edition: First kickstarter edition) good
King of Tokyo + Power Up Expansion (published: 2012) good
Sailing Toward Osiris (published: 2018) excellent
Subdivision excellent
Tokaido excellent

12:00 pm

Title Condition
Arkham Horror LCG (edition: New in shrink) excellent
Betrayal at House on the Hill excellent
Cathedral World (edition: Global Village Edition Board Game Family Games Inc.) excellent
Dawn of the Zeds (edition: 2nd) (published: 2013) good
Eminent Domain (with Exottica and Escalation expansions) excellent
Fresco (edition: Includes expansions 1-3 (The Portraits, The Bishop's Request, Special Blend Colors) and one promo (The Bishop's Favor).) (published: 2010) good
Klondike Rush (published: 2017) excellent
My Little Scythe excellent
Sheriff of Nottingham (published: 2014) excellent
Turing Tumble good

12:30 pm

Title Condition
Compounded and Geiger expansion (edition: Kickstarter: game 2nd ed. expansion 1st ed.) (published: 2015) excellent
Dragon Castle excellent
Hardback excellent
Mysterium excellent
Photosynthesis (edition: English Edition) (published: 2018) excellent
Smash Up (with Awesome level 9000 & Science Fiction Double Feature Expansions) (edition: 2012) excellent
Tigris & Euphrates (published: 2014 Fantasy Flight) excellent
Vye (edition: 1st/KS Edition) excellent

1:00 pm

Title Condition
A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition) (edition: 2nd Edition) (published: 2011) excellent
Arkham Horror: The Curse of the Dark Pharaoh expansion (published: 2010) excellent
Brew Crafters (published: 2013) good
Dice Forge (published: 2017) excellent
Fog of Love (published: 2017) excellent
Formula D excellent
Islebound (published: 2016) excellent
Majesty: For The Realm excellent
Space Cadet: Dice Duel (published: 2013) good
Suburbia + Suburbia Inc. Expansion (published: 2012) excellent
Trajan excellent
When I Dream excellent

1:30 pm

Title Condition
Bruxelles 1893 (published: 2014) excellent
Catan: Settlers of America (published: 2010) excellent
Doom (edition: All 196 included cards are sleeved in premium sleeves) excellent
Dreaming Spires (published: 2014) excellent
First Class excellent
Honshu (edition: Renegade Games) good
Lords of Vegas (published: 2010) good
NMBR 9 excellent
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Thames Murders & Other Cases good
Sultaniya (published: 2014) excellent
Voyages of Marco Polo (published: 2015) excellent

2:00 pm

Title Condition
Among the Stars good
Battlelore excellent
Castles of Mad King Ludwig (edition: 1) good
Cottage Garden (edition: Stronghold Games) excellent
Elysium (published: 2015) excellent
In The Year Of The Dragon (edition: 10th Anniversary) good
Letters from Whitechapel excellent
Noria (edition: Stronghold) excellent
Puerto Rico good
Steam Park good
Yamatai (edition: 1) excellent

2:30 pm

Title Condition
A Game of Thrones - The Card Game (edition: Second Edition) good
Agricola (Includes Z Deck and Plano Box Organizer) (edition: Z-Man) (published: 2008) excellent
Dead of Winter w/ Felicia Day Promo good
Fall of Magic excellent
Fresco (edition: English First Edition) (published: 2010) excellent
Isle of Skye (published: 2015) good
Pack O Games (Run, Woo, Orc, Gym, Sow, Spy) excellent
Petrichor excellent
Smash Up, and Awesome Level 9000 expansion (edition: First) (published: 2012) good
The Castles of Burgundy (edition: Played only a few times) (published: 2011) excellent
Tigris & Euphrates (edition: Z-Man) good

3:00 pm

Title Condition
Angola (MMP) (published: 1988) excellent
City of Gears excellent
Dungeon Petz (edition: Standard) (published: 2011) excellent
Edo (published: 2012) excellent
Fury of Dracula excellent
Keyper (published: 2017) excellent
Mysterium (published: 2015) excellent
New Bedford + Rising Tide Expansion (published: 2016) excellent
Puerto Rico (published: 2012) excellent
Shadows over Camelot fair (game has seen wear from use)
The Networks excellent

3:30 pm

Title Condition
CO2 good
Conquest of Paradise (edition: Deluxe second Edition) (published: 2016) excellent
Empires of the Void (edition: 1st) (published: 2012) excellent
Gugong (edition: TMG) excellent
Imperial Settlers with Why Can't We Be Friends Expansion (edition: English 2nd Edition) (published: 2017) excellent
Le Fantôme de l'Opéra (edition: English 2013 edition. Some wear on the cover) (published: 2013) good
Paperback excellent
Race for the Galaxy and Race for the Galaxy Gathering Storm Expansion (edition: The box is a bit warped but contains both Race for the Galaxy and the Gathering Storm Expansion ) good
The Bloody Inn excellent
The Quest for El Dorado (edition: Ravensburger) good
Two Rooms and a Boom + Necroboomicon expansion excellent

4:00 pm

Title Condition
Civilization the Board Game excellent
Discover: Lands Unknown (published: 2018) excellent
Dragon Magazine - lot of 12 issues (published: 1989-1993) fair (old)
Glen More - German Edition with English Translation excellent
Legacy of Dragonholt excellent
Manhattan Project 2: Minutes to Midnight (edition: Kickstarter) (published: 2018) excellent
Quarriors! (with collectible Tin and Quarriors! Rise of the Demons (2011) expansion). (edition: 1st) (published: 2011) good
Santa Maria (edition: Aparta Games) good
Tales of the Arabian Nights (edition: Z-Man Games) good
The castles of burgundy good
Tiny Epic Western (edition: Kickstarter Deluxe Edition) (published: 2016) excellent

4:30 pm

Title Condition
Dead of Winter excellent
Diplomacy (edition: Avalon Hill - blue box plastic bits) good
Gentes (edition: 1st) (published: 2017) good
Notre Dame (edition: 10th Anniversary) good
Oh My Goods & Longsdale in Revolt Expansion excellent
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords: Base Set + Adventure Decks 1 > 6 (edition: 1st) (published: 2013) fair (Original rulebook was eaten by goblins. A B&W photocopy has been included.)
Scoville good
Ships (edition: English Limited Edition) (published: 2015) excellent
The Resistance plus Hidden Agenda & Hostile Intent Expansions excellent

5:00 pm

Title Condition
Descent: Journeys in the Dark (edition: 1st) (published: 2005) fair (Box is worn.)
Mage Knight Miniature Game (479 Minis) incomplete (I don't even know what a complete game of this is. tl;dr its a box full of minis from mage knight miniatures game)
Nations (published: 2013) excellent
Onitama with Sensei's Path expansion (edition: 1) (published: cards are sleeved) excellent
Otys (edition: 1st) (published: 2017) good
Raptor (published: 2015) excellent
Risk: halo wars excellent
Star Trek Frontiers: The Return of Kahn Expansion (edition: WizKids) (published: 2018) excellent
Summoner Wars: Phoenix Elves vs Tundra Orcs (published: 2009) excellent
The Lost Expedition w/ The Curesed Idol expansion excellent
Twilight Struggle (edition: Deluxe Edition; the game was unwrapped but has never been played, pieces sheets and card decks still intact and wrapped) (published: 2012) excellent

5:30 pm

Title Condition
Holdfast: Pacific 1941-45 (published: 2017) excellent
Memoir '44 (edition: 1st) (published: 2004) excellent
Mice and Mystics (published: 2012) excellent
Quarriors (Base game + Quartifacts) (edition: Base Game (2013 English Edition), Quartifacts (2013 1st Edition)) (published: 2013) excellent
Race For the Galaxy good
Rise of Augustus (published: 2013) good
Steam (edition: 1) good
Tiny Epic Defenders (edition: 1st Edition) (published: 2015) excellent

6:00 pm

Title Condition
Best of Dragon Magazine Vo. III Reprint 1989 (published: 1989) good
Best of Dragon Magazine Vo. V 1986 good
Mistborn: House War (edition: 1st Edition) (published: 2017) excellent
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Skull & Shackles Base Set excellent
Revolution (edition: Includes The Palace expansion) excellent
Richard the Lionheart (edition: CMON) excellent
Rise of Queensdale (published: 2018) excellent
Risk Legacy (edition: Hasbro) good
The Grizzled (+ At Your Orders Expansion & Meeple Realty insert) good
Tiny Epic Galaxies excellent
Washington's War (edition: 2nd) (published: 2010) excellent