Auction Schedule

10:15 am

Title Condition
Airlines Europe good
Broom Service excellent
Castle Panic (edition: Includes The Wizard's Tower expansion, the Dark Titan expansion, and feather and crossbow promos.) (published: 2009) good
Formula D (published: 2008) excellent
King of New York (published: 2014) good
King of Tokyo excellent
Magic Maze excellent
Star Trek Trivial Pursuit (published: 2016) excellent
Tak KS edition never played with exclusive cloth board (edition: MERCHANT: Backers at this level receive the Classic Set. containing 62 wooden pieces, a 6X6 linen finish board) excellent
Tsuro of the Seas + Veterans of the Seas Expansion (published: 2013) excellent

10:45 am

Title Condition
CVlizations excellent
Eminent Domain: Battlecruisers (edition: Eminent Domain: Microcosm included) (published: 2016) excellent
Evolution (edition: First Edition, Kickstarter) excellent
Fuse Flatline excellent
Go Board, Wooden (edition: Roughly 18" x 16" x 2.5" -- table style, not floor (i.e. no legs)) good
Onitama (edition: with bonus promo card) (published: 2015) excellent
Patchwork (published: 2014) excellent
Tao Long (edition: Kickstarter Edition) (published: 2017) excellent
The Pursuit of Happiness (with Community expansion) good
Wasabi (edition: Z Man) (published: 2009) good

11:15 am

Title Condition
Captain Sonar (published: 2016) excellent
Castellion (edition: English first edition) (published: 2015) excellent
Deception: Hong Kong (published: 2016) excellent
Dixit Odyssey + Dixit + Dixit Quest + Spielbox Promo Card (253 cards, 3-12 players) (edition: Asmodee English First Edition) (published: 2011) excellent
Dominion (new in plastic) excellent
Fabled Fruit (with Lime Expansion included) excellent
Spyfall & Spyfall 2 good
Sylvion (edition: english edition, new in shrink) (published: 2015) excellent
Two Rooms and a Boom excellent
Whistle Stop (edition: 1st) (published: 2017) excellent

11:45 am

Title Condition
Codex: Card-time strategy - starter set excellent
Codex: Card-time strategy core set excellent
DC Deck Building Game (edition: All cards are sleeved) (published: 2012) excellent
Dungeon Petz (published: 2011) excellent
Educa Puzzle (Rainforest) – 33600 pieces excellent
Innovation Deluxe (edition: 1st) (published: 2017) excellent
Isla Dorada excellent
Kanban: Automotive Revolution (brand new) (edition: English first edition (red box cover)) (published: 2014) excellent
Rampage (edition: 1st (Based on the Video Game) Cover now out of Print) excellent
Viral (published: 2017) excellent

12:15 pm

Title Condition
7 Wonders excellent (Components new in shrink)
Clank! Sunken Treasures (Expansion to Clank!) - In SHRINK! excellent
Elder Signs (published: 2012) excellent
Lost Cities The Card Game (edition: Includes Lost Expedition Expansion) (published: 2015) excellent
New Bedford (+ expansion Rising Tide) excellent
Parade good
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective 1st edition unopened (edition: 1st edition) excellent
Star Trek Catan (published: 2012) excellent
The Palace of Mad King Ludwig (edition: 1st) (published: 2017) excellent
Traders of Genoa excellent

12:45 pm

Title Condition
Clank! A Deck Building Adventure good
CO2 excellent
Enchanters KS edition unpunched w/ limited edition vinyl mat excellent
Flamme Rouge unopened excellent
Infinite City (published: 2009) good
Schrille Stille excellent
Settlers of America: Trails to Rails excellent
Tales of Arabian Nights excellent
Ticket to Ride Marklin (edition: English, Collector's Edition) good
Yamatai (edition: 1st) (published: 2017) excellent

1:15 pm

Title Condition
Artic Scavengers + HQ + Recon excellent
C02 (edition: 1st) (published: 2012) excellent
Daxu excellent
Elfenland (edition: Amigo) (published: 2000) excellent
Five Tribes excellent
Iron Dragon (edition: Mayfair) (published: 1994, 2017 reprint edition) excellent
Islebound (edition: Kickstarter Edition) excellent
Lancaster: Big Box (edition: Big Box Edition) (published: 2015) good
Power Grid (published: 2004) excellent
Way Out West (in Shrink Wrap) excellent

1:45 pm

Title Condition
Barenpark excellent
Battlelore Second Edition (Includes Razorwing, Warband of Scorn, Hernfar Guardians expansions) (edition: 2nd) excellent
Cavern Tavern (edition: Kickstarter Edition) (published: 2016) excellent
Dead of Winter: The Long Night excellent
Defenders of the Realm excellent
Earth Reborn excellent
Galaxy Defenders good
Star Wars: Legion (***Partially Primed / Painted) good
Summoner Wars excellent

2:15 pm

Title Condition
Agricola (edition: Zman 2008) excellent
Aquasphere excellent
Clans of Caledonia (edition: Kickstarter - Includes Metal Coins) (published: 2017) excellent
Guilds of London (edition: 1st) (published: 2016) excellent
Pandemic: Legacy - Season 1 (published: 2015) excellent
Russian Railroads (published: 2013) excellent
SeaFall excellent
Tammany Hall excellent
Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization (edition: 1st, includes sleeves for all cards) (published: 2015) excellent
Yokohama excellent

2:45 pm

Title Condition
Bora Bora (published: 2013) excellent
Caverna: The Cave Farmers (edition: English first edition) (published: 2013) excellent
Concordia excellent
Concordia Salsa excellent
Cyclades good
Dominant Species (edition: English first edition (second printing)) (published: 2011) excellent
Fortune and Glory good
Fresco excellent
Imperial 2030 (published: 2016) excellent
Through The Ages (edition: 2nd ed: (published: 2015) excellent

3:15 pm

Title Condition
A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (edition: 2nd Edition) good
Battlestar Galactica The Board Game (edition: Fantasy Flight) good
Enemies of Rome (published: 2018) excellent
Game of Thrones good
Inis (edition: 1st) (published: 2016) excellent
Planetarium (published: 2017) excellent
Quantum excellent
Robinson Crusoe (edition: 1st) excellent
Sidereal Confluence excellent
The Expanse (edition: 1st ) (published: 2017) excellent

3:45 pm

Title Condition
Battlestar Galactica The Board Game (edition: Out of Print) excellent
Blood Rage (published: 2015) excellent
Empires of the Void (edition: 1) (published: 2011) good
Heavy Steam + Armament Pack, Pilot Expansion, Kickstarter Exclusives (All Cards Sleeved) (edition: 1st Edition) (published: 2015) excellent
Imperial Assault (edition: Inculdes: Imperial Assault Twin Shadows Expansion) (published: 2014) excellent
Scythe (edition: Kickstarter) good
Star Trek Frontier unopened excellent
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Grab Bag (edition: Contains base game, numerous extra ships (Including all stands, cards, etc.) and star mat) good
Star Wars: Imperial Assault excellent
Wiz War (edition: 2012) excellent

4:15 pm

Title Condition
Breakout: Normandy - WWII Invasion Battle Game good
ComancherĂ­a excellent
Conquest of the Empire good
HeroQuest Game System (with rare, full-size poster) (edition: Game is US edition. Poster (of box cover art) was acquired in Australia.) (published: 1990) good
Memoir 44 good
Memoir 44 (published: 2004) excellent
Space Empires excellent
Space Empires: Close Encounters excellent
Twilight Imperium (edition: 3rd) (published: 2005) excellent
Twilight Struggle excellent

4:45 pm

Title Condition
1989: Dawn of Freedom excellent
878: Vikings (published: 2017) excellent
Axis and Allies - UNPUNCHED (edition: Spring, 1942) (published: 1984) excellent
Labyrinth: The War on Terror excellent
Tide of Iron (published: 2007) good
Twilight Struggle (edition: Deluxe Edition) excellent

5:15 pm

Title Condition
Burning Wheel RPG excellent
Dungeons & Dragons Castle Ravenloft Board Game (published: 2010) excellent
Lot of Dragon Magazine issues from early 1990s and early 2000s excellent
Star Wars The DarkStryder Campaign boxed set (signed by Timothy Zahn and Peter Schweighofer) (edition: First (product code 40209)) (published: 1995) excellent
The Star Wars Roleplaying Game Second Edition Revised and Expanded (edition: Second Edition Revised and Expanded) (published: 1996) excellent
Tiny Epic Quest (edition: Kickstarter, with expansion) excellent
Warhammer: Shadespire and Sepulchral Guard expansion (edition: New in box) (published: 2017) excellent