Auction Schedule

10:00 am

Title Condition
Captain Sonar unpunched with expansion maps excellent
Catacombs & Castles (edition: Includes Siege Defender Expansion) (published: 2017) excellent
Coney Island (with Giant Wheel) excellent
Escape: the curse of the temple excellent
Flamme Rouge excellent
Flick 'Em Up (edition: Wooden 1st) (published: 2015) excellent
Mystery Express (out of print) (published: 2010) excellent
ONIRIM (edition: Second Edition, includes 7 expansions) (published: 2014) excellent
Pitch Car excellent
Primordial Soup excellent
Rampage unopened excellent
Relic Expedition excellent
Risk Dr. Who - Invasion of the Daleks - Complete! excellent
Sentinels of the Multiverse (with several expansions) excellent
Sentinels Tactics Set: (Sentinels Tactics: Flame of Freedom, Miniature Sets x3, 4 Location Maps) (edition: kickstarter) excellent
Sherlock Homes consulting detective-jack the ripper and west end adventures (published: 2016) excellent
Space Beans excellent
Star Trek Monopoly (edition: Continuum) excellent
Tao Long (edition: Kickstarter Edition w/Bunny, Tiger & 4 player mode) (published: 2017) excellent
The Mind (2018) (published: 2018) excellent

11:00 am

Title Condition
Alhambra Big Box Special Edition excellent
Arboretum (published: 2014) good
Castles of Mad King Ludwig w/Broken Token inserts excellent
Cleopatra and The Society of Architects (edition: Days of Wonder) excellent
Finca (edition: Italian ) (published: 2009) excellent
K2 (+ Avalanche promo) good
Legendary Encounters w/skin sleeves & Broken Token insert excellent
Mexica excellent
Micropolis excellent
Myrmes (with Colony Tiles promo) excellent
Near & Far + Near & Far: Amber Mines Expansion excellent
Nemo's War (edition: Second edition) excellent
Princes of the Renaissance (edition: Mercury Edition (with Kickstarter Expansion)) (published: 2016) excellent
Prospectus excellent
Seasons w/Enchanted Kingdom Expansion (published: 2012) excellent
Starfarers of Catan (published: 2000) good
Stockpile + Continuing Corruption Expansion (edition: Kickstarter) excellent
The Networks (published: 2016) excellent
Tobago excellent
Tokaido Deluxe Edition (edition: Deluxe) (published: 2015) fair (Torn box corner)
Yamatai unopened excellent

12:00 pm

Title Condition
Alchemists unopened excellent
Chinatown (edition: Alea) (published: 1999) good
Clank! A deck-building adventure (edition: Includes Sunken Treasures Expansion) (published: 2016) excellent
Clans of Caledonia unopened KS (edition: premium edition with metal tokens and exclusive box sleeve) excellent
Le Havre (published: 2008) excellent
Manila excellent
Marvel Legendary (edition: Contains Fantastic Four Expansion) (published: 2012) excellent
Myth excellent
Navegador (Rare) excellent
Pandemic: Legacy - Season 1 (edition: not a duplicate - I have two copies in shrink) (published: 2015) excellent
Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island Board Game First Edition excellent
Scythe excellent
Shakespeare excellent
T.I.M.E stories + A prophecy of dragons + The Marcy Case + Under the mask expansions excellent
The Castles of Burgundy (with Monestary Boards and Pleasure Garden Expansions) excellent
The Manhattan Project excellent
Thurn and Taxis excellent
Trump: The Game fair (some box damage. Components new in shrink)
Union Pacific excellent
viticulture (edition: essential) excellent

1:00 pm

Title Condition
Alien Frontiers Big Box (edition: (published: 2017) excellent
Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn Lot (edition: Includes 4 expansions, promos, playmat, and Team Covenant Tokens) excellent
Battlestar Galactica: Daybreak Expansion (published: 2013) excellent
Battlestar Galactica: Exodus Expansion (published: 2012) excellent
Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus Expansion (published: 2009) excellent
Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game (published: 2008) excellent
Cosmic Encounter excellent
Dead of Winter with unopened Raxxon expansion excellent
Eldritch Horror excellent
Entire Netrunner Collection (Like, the whole thing, 2x core sleeved several expansions unopened) (edition: Everything I have would love some guidance on where this should go.) good
Fallout (edition: 1st) (published: 2017) excellent
Forbidden Stars (published: 2015) excellent
Guilds of Cadwallon (with Kickstarter Exclusive 5 to 8 Player Expansion, Game Board, and Large box) (edition: Kickstarter) excellent
Lord of The Rings LCG Core Set (edition: 1st Ed.Includes 4 Big Expansions: Heirs of Numenor, Sands of Harad, Flame of the West, Khazad-Dum. Also 6 small expansions.) (published: 2011) good
Neuroshima Hex good
Skyway Robbery (edition: Kickstarter Deluxe) (published: 2015) excellent
Star Trek Fleet Captain good
Star Wars: Legion excellent
Star Wars: Legion AT-ST excellent
Star Wars: Legion T-47 Airspeeder excellent
Star Wars: Rebellion (edition: 1st) (published: 2016) excellent
Terraforming Mars (edition: Unknown. Has custom player trays.) (published: 2016) excellent
Twilight Imperium (with Shattered Empire and Shards of the Throne Expansions) (edition: 3rd Edition) good
Xenoshyft Dreadmire (edition: Kickstarter Exclusive ) (published: 2016) excellent

2:00 pm

Title Condition
A Feast For Odin (edition: 1sti) (published: 2016) excellent
After the Flood (ultra rare Martin Wallace game) (edition: 1st) (published: 2008) excellent
Agricola "Deluxe" (edition: Bundled with "Farmers of the Moor" tile expansion, "The Gamer's Deck" card expansion, and a custom all-wood resource/meeple kit) (published: 2007~2009) excellent
Bus (ultra ultra rare Splotter game, first ever worker placement game designed) (edition: 1st) (published: 1999) excellent
Caverna (edition: 1st, has wooden insert) (published: 2013) excellent
Food Chain Magnate (with upgraded player aids) (edition: 1st) (published: 2016) excellent
Francis Drake (published: 2013) excellent
God's Playground (ultra rare Martin Wallace game) (edition: 1st) (published: 2009) excellent
Nations (with promo cards) excellent
Puerto Rico 10th anniversary edition (edition: 10th anniversary) good
Roads & Boats (edition: 4th) (published: 1999) excellent
Russian Railroads (edition: 1st + all 3 expansions in original box (these are all out of print)) (published: 2013-2016) excellent
Scythe (edition: Special Edition) (published: 2016) excellent
Snowdonia + 4 expansions (edition: 2nd) (published: 2012) excellent
The Colonists (edition: first) (published: 2016) excellent
Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization excellent
VOC: Founding the Dutch East Indies Company - SUPER RARE SPLOTTER GAME (edition: SUPER RARE SPLOTTER GAME) excellent
Yokohama (edition: 1st Kickstarter Deluxified) (published: 2016) excellent

3:00 pm

Title Condition
Blood Bowl Team Manager excellent
Blood Rage + 5th Player Expansion (published: 2015) excellent
Conquest of the Empire (edition: 2nd) (published: 2005) good
Dark Souls - The Board Game (edition: Kickstarter) (published: 2017) excellent
Defenders of the Last Stand excellent
Eclipse (edition: 1st) excellent
Fortune and Glory excellent
Fury of Dracula (edition: 3rd) (published: 2015) good
Gloomhaven excellent
Gloomhaven (edition: 2nd Edition (new)) (published: 2017) excellent
Inis unopened excellent
Mage Knight excellent
Mage Wars (published: 2013) excellent
Rum and Bones Second Tide (edition: Expansions: Sea monsters, Marea de la Muerte Heroes, Deep Lords Heroes, KSE Captain promos, Mercenary Promos set #3 and #4.) (published: 2017) excellent
Scythe unopened excellent
Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery (with hand-painted minis) good
Star Wars X-Wing bundle (2 core sets plus B-wing, X-wing, Y-wing, Tie Advanced, Tie Bomber, and Tie Fighter (x2) expansions) (edition: First edition) excellent
Thunderstone Advance excellent
Thunderstone Quest excellent

4:00 pm

Title Condition
D-Day Dice - Kickstarter Edition (edition: Kickstarter) excellent
Dominant Species (edition: 3rd (w updated graphics)) (published: 2010) excellent
Europe Engulfed (edition: 2nd) (published: 2003) fair (Box has some discoloration)
Labyrinth: The War on Terror, 2001 - ? (includes The Awakening, 2010 - ? expansion in the same box) (edition: GMT) good
Liberté (edition: Valley Games Reprint) excellent
Liberty or Death (edition: 1st) (published: 2016) excellent
Ogre: Designer Edition (the 25-pounder) plus expansions (edition: Ogre Designer Edition plus: Nihon (A6), Uncommon (E5-6), Nightfall (B5-L2), TargetsGoBoom (K1-L1), BGG (M3-4), ACD (N1-R1)) (published: 2013) excellent
Ogre: Designers Edition excellent
Ogre: Designers Edition - re-donated excellent
Rising Sun (edition: Kickstarter Edition, w/ Daimyo Box, Kami Unbound, & Monster Pack UNOPENED) (published: 2018) excellent
Shogun (edition: 1st edition, Queen) (published: 2006) good
The Great War excellent
The Napoleonic Wars (edition: 2nd) (published: 2008) good
The Sands of War: Active Combat in the Middle East 1941-1991 (edition: GDW) good
Twilight Imperium 4th edition unopened (edition: 4th edition) excellent
Victory and Glory: Napoleon (Includes Kickstarter Exclusive Wooden Meeples) (published: 2018) excellent
Victory or Death excellent
VIETNAM 1965-1975 (edition: (published: 1984) good
Wallenstein excellent
Washington's War excellent

5:00 pm

Title Condition
Chill: Adventures into the Unknown Box Set (edition: First) (published: 1984) excellent
D&D v. 3.5 set (includes expansions and DM screen) (edition: 3.5) excellent
Descent: Journeys in the Dark, Second Ed. (edition: Second ) excellent
Dungeons & Dragons The Legend of Drizzt Board Game (published: 2011) excellent
Dungeons & Dragons Wrath of Ashardalon Game Board (published: 2010) excellent
Dungeons and Dragons: Castle Ravenloft (published: 2010) excellent
Fall of Magic excellent
Forge War (edition: Kickstarter Edition) (published: 2015) excellent
Gamma World Campaign Box Set (edition: First) (published: 1986) good
HeroQuest - Painted! - With 2 expansions! (edition: ALL MINIS - Professionally Painted - Main Game System + Kellar's Keep + Return of the Witch Lord) (published: 1990) good
HeroQuest Game System Bundle (includes unboxed Kellar's Keep and Return of the Witch Lord expansions) (published: 1990) fair (Box in fair condition. One goblin base broken off. One goblin weapon broken off. Broken base and weapon included.)
League of Legends: Mechs vs Minions (edition: 1st edition, second shipment) (published: 2016) excellent
Mechs Vs. Minions (edition: 2nd) (published: 2017) excellent
Mice and Mystics good
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords w/ adventure decks 1-6 and character expansion deck (published: 2013) excellent
Roll Player + Monsters and Minions Expansion (edition: 1st) (published: 2017) good
Star Wars Edge of the Empire Roleplaying Game bundle (beginner game, core book, GM kit, 3 adventure books, 8 rule books) (published: 2012 onward) good