Auction Schedule

These items will be in the used game auction on Saturday, July 28. You can view items for the three different auction types using the tabs above. Please note: This list is as complete as we can get it, but auction times and even some items may be subject to change.

10:15 am

Title Condition
Arboretum (edition: 2018) excellent
AtmosFear The DVD Board Game good
Black Fleet (published: 2014) excellent
Camel Up excellent
Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger (edition: English) (published: 2018) excellent
Grimm Forest (edition: First - Kickstarter) (published: 2018) good
King of Tokyo w/ Power up Expansion (published: 2011) good
Photosynthesis (published: 2017) excellent
Queendomino excellent
Snap Circuits Pro SC500 – 75 pieces excellent

10:45 am

Title Condition
AEG Big Game Night 2016 (edition: includes 4 games: Love Letter deluxe oversized version, Say Adios to the Villains, Eight Epics, Regality and Religion) excellent
Article 27 excellent
Aviation incomplete (Vintage game, collectors might be interested )
Carnival w/ Sideshow expansion, collector's dice, & Lucky Dice game (edition: Dice Hate Me Games Kickstarter ed) (published: 2011) excellent
Cathedral fair (Components are 100% / Box shows shelf wear and a split corner)
Dice City (published: 2015) good
Honshu excellent
Le Havre excellent
Patchwork (published: 2014) excellent
Santorini excellent
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper excellent

11:15 am

Title Condition
Adel Verpflichtet - game of the year 1990 (published: 1990) good
Android Netrunner The Card Game (edition: Fantasy Flight) good
Arkwright (edition: 1) fair (Torn box corner)
Captain Sonar (+ New York & Chicago maps) excellent
Cash N Guns (+ More Cash N Guns expansion) (edition: 2nd Edition) excellent
Deep Sea Adventure (published: 2014) excellent
Ingenious excellent
Munchkin Quest (and expansion) good
Sentinels of the Multiverse w/ Room City & Shattered Timelines expansions good
Snake Oil (edition: Hasbro) good

11:45 am

Title Condition
Agone RPG Lot ( Includes main book, screen, adventure and compendium) (published: 2001) good
Arcadia Quest Hell of a box excellent
Arcadia Quest Inferno excellent
Arcadia Quest Pets excellent
Arcadia Quest Poison Dragon excellent
Arcadia Quest Riders excellent
Arcadia Quest Whole Lotta Lava excellent
Isle of Skye (edition: Isle of Skye) excellent
Mr. Jack excellent
Pie Town (published: 2017) excellent
Space Cadets good
Trains (published: 2013) excellent

12:15 pm

Title Condition
Baseball Highlights 2045 excellent
Cottage Garden (edition: Standard) (published: 2015) excellent
Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game (edition: English 1st) (published: 2014) excellent
Elysium (edition: 1st) (published: 2015) good
Flick ‘Em Up (Plastic) excellent
Junk Orbit excellent
Lord of the Fries Deluxe Edition plus 4 expansions (Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Irish) (edition: Kickstarter) excellent
Onirim excellent
Rabbit Island (edition: Kickstarter Edition) (published: 2019) excellent
Superfight with 6 expansions (edition: Limited Kickstarter Edition) excellent

12:45 pm

Title Condition
Alchemists excellent
Castell (edition: 1st) (published: 2018) excellent
Ghostbusters: The Board Game (edition: New In Shrink) excellent
Ground Floor (edition: Kickstarter Edition (Includes Backer Only material!)) (published: 2012) excellent
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle (published: 2016) good
Karuba (edition: Haba) good
Marvel Legendary excellent
San Juan good
T.I.M.E. Stories excellent
Targi (edition: Kosmos) excellent
Tokaido good

1:15 pm

Title Condition
Captain Sonar excellent
Discover Lands Unknown excellent
Ex Libris (edition: Renegade) excellent
Herbalism w/ Playmat excellent
Imperial Settlers (published: 2014) excellent
Kingdom Builder (published: 2014) excellent
Not Alone (published: 2016) excellent
Pioneer Days excellent
Sheriff of Nottingham (edition: English 2nd Edition) (published: 2015) excellent
The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game (published: 2016) excellent
The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 (published: 2017) excellent

1:45 pm

Title Condition
Afrika Korps (edition: 1st) (published: 1964) fair (Some components are marked with pencil, but all are present.)
Ascension - Storm of Souls, Chronicle of the Godslayer, Immortal Heroes, Rise of Vigil, Return of the Fallen good
Betrayal at Baldur's Gate (edition: Avalon Hill) good
Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game (published: 2014) excellent
Imhotep (published: 2016) excellent
Kill Doctor Lucky (edition: Paizo edition, includes And His Little Dog Too expansion, unpunched) (published: 2009) excellent
Millennium Blades (published: 2016) excellent
Potion Explosion (w special event potion promo) fair (Pieces have seen wear)
Root good
Spirits of the Rice Paddy (edition: Kickstarter) (published: 2015) excellent
Tragedy Looper excellent

2:15 pm

Title Condition
7 Wonders excellent
Android Netrunner LCG (edition: Played only a few times; excellent condition ) (published: 2012) excellent
Castles of Burgundy excellent
Jurassic Park: Danger! Adventure Strategy Game (published: 2018) excellent
Le Havre: The Inland Port (published: 2012) excellent
Mountains of Madness (edition: Iello) good
Mysterium (published: 2015) good
Relic Runners excellent
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures excellent

2:45 pm

Title Condition
Gruff + Clash of the Battle Goats + Rage of the Trolls (All Sleeved) (edition: Gruff 1st Ed, Clash 1st Ed, Trolls KS Edition) (published: 2015,2017 (Trolls)) excellent
Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr (edition: 2018) excellent
Karmaka (edition: Hemisphere Games) excellent
Legacy of Dragonholt (published: 2017) excellent
Moa excellent
Photosynthesis excellent
Space Cadets: Dice Duel excellent
Suburbia (+ Suburbia Inc) good
Tiny Epic Kingdoms: Deluxe Edition (edition: Kickstarter) (published: 2014) excellent

3:15 pm

Title Condition
Android (published: 2008) excellent
Captain Sonar (published: 2016) good
Diplomacy (edition: Avalon Hill 1976) (published: 1976) good
Flash Point: Fire Rescure excellent
HOPE (edition: 1st) (published: 2018) excellent
Kashgar Merchants of the Silk Road (edition: Grail Games) excellent
Lewis and Clark (edition: Standard) (published: 2013) excellent
Nexus Ops (published: 2012) good
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game - Rise of the Runelords (edition: 1st - base set plus Character add-on deck and the first three chapter decks for Rise of the Runelords) excellent
Risk Legacy (edition: Hasbro) good
Stronghold (published: 2009) excellent
Town Center excellent

3:45 pm

Title Condition
Betrayal at Baldur's Gate good
Crows (edition: unplayed) (published: 2018) excellent
Dead of Winter: Long Night good
Game of Thrones the Board Game (edition: 1st) good
Islebound excellent
King of Tokyo excellent
Lost Valley: The Yukon Gold Rush 1886 (edition: Kickstarter Secon Edition) (published: 2014) excellent
Mice and Mystics excellent
Rattus (edition: English Edition) (published: 2010) excellent
Spyrium (edition: Asmodee English edition ) (published: 2013) excellent
Summoner Wars: Guild Dwarves vs. Cave Goblins (published: 2009) excellent
Tiny Epic Quest (edition: Kickstarter) (published: 2017) excellent

4:15 pm

Title Condition
City of Remnants excellent
Dragonfire excellent
Elder Sign + Elder Sign: Unseen Forces Expansion (published: 2011) excellent
Golem Arcana good
Le Fantôme de l'Opéra (published: 2013) excellent
Mage Wars Arena good
Robinson Crusoe (edition: Third) (published: 2014) good
Seeland (published: 2010) good
Shadowrift (published: 2012) good
The Ark of the Covenant (published: 2003) excellent
VWars excellent

4:45 pm

Title Condition
Combo Fighter (published: 2019) excellent
Dark Moon excellent
Flow of History (edition: Kickstarter Deluxified 3rd Edition) (published: 2018) excellent
Hostage Negotiator good
Lords of Waterdeep (edition: 1st Edition) (published: 2012) excellent
New Angeles (published: 2016) excellent
Runebound 3rd Edition (edition: Third) excellent
Seal Team Flix (edition: 1st) (published: 2018) good
Spectre Ops (edition: First) (published: 2015) excellent
The Contender (edition: Kickstarter) excellent

5:15 pm

Title Condition
Call of Cthulhu (edition: 4th Edition) (published: 1989) good
Catalyst (edition: 1st. Not released in the U.S.) (published: 2018) excellent
Empires of the Void (edition: 1) excellent
JAB: Realtime Boxing (edition: Tasty Minstrel Games) (published: 2011) excellent
Lord of the Rings Living Card Game good
New World (edition: 1st) (published: 1990) excellent
Progress: Evolution of Technology w/ artist-signed lithograph, VP/action point tokens, & central board (edition: NSKN Games Kickstarter ed) (published: 2014) excellent
Rise of Cthulhu plus the Dark Secrets Expansion (edition: Kickstarter) excellent
Space Hulk: Death Angel - The Card Game (published: 2010) excellent
The Godfather: Corleone's Empire (edition: English) (published: 2017) excellent
Xcom the board game excellent

5:45 pm

Title Condition
D-Day Dice (edition: Kickstarter in tin) (published: 2012) excellent
Fort Sumter: The Secession Crisis, 1860-61 (edition: First Ed.) (published: 2018) excellent
Lords of Waterdeep good
Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport good
Lost Valley The Yukon Goldrush: 1896 (published: 2014) excellent
Mage Wars Arena (published: 2012) good
Neon Gods (edition: Neon Gods) (published: 2018) excellent
Phoenix Dawn Command (edition: First Edition) (published: 2016) excellent
Root good
Star Wars The Roleplaying Game: 30th Anniversary Edition (edition: 30th Anniversary Edition) (published: 2018) excellent
Talon (published: 2016) excellent
The Great Game: Rival Empires in Central Asia (edition: First Ed.) (published: 2017) excellent
Tiny Epic Zombies: Kickstarter Deluxe Edition (edition: Includes Kickstarter Limited Exclusive Content) excellent