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10:00 am

Title Condition
7 Wonders Duel (published: 2015) excellent
Bang! & Bang! the Duel excellent
Broken and Beautiful excellent
Canvas Deluxe Edition (edition: Kickstarter) excellent
Creature Comforts (2022) Kickstarter version (edition: Kickstarter) excellent
Escape Room Bundle (Unlock Game Adventures, Unlock Legendary Adventures, Star Wars Unlock, Escape the Room, Kringle caper) excellent
Family Fun Bundle—Qwirkle, Telestrations & Codenames (edition: Brand New) excellent
Parks & Parks Memories Boxed Set w/ Nightfall expansion / playmat (edition: Kickstarter Edition) excellent
The Quest for El Dorado + Heroes & Hexes Expansion [All in original box, no expansion box] (edition: 2nd edition) (published: 2018) excellent
Thunder Road Vendetta (edition: 1) (published: 2023) excellent
Turing Machine excellent

10:30 am

Title Condition
Bargain Quest Bundle- All currently published content (edition: 1st- Square box) excellent
Chai (published: 2021) excellent
Clank! In! Space! excellent
Elder Sign (w/ Gates of Arkham; Omens of Ice; & Unseen Forces) excellent
Escape: The Curse of the Temple (edition: 1st) (published: 2012) excellent
Flamecraft excellent
New York Zoo (published: 2020) excellent
Pandemic + On the Brink, In the Lab, and State of Emergency Expansions [Only On the Brink and In the Lab boxes, no other boxes] (edition: Unknown but purchased new between 2018-2019) excellent
Santorini (published: 2016) excellent
The Quacks of Quedlinburg excellent
The Search for Planet X (published: 2021) excellent

11:00 am

Title Condition
1960 (edition: 1st) (published: 2017) excellent
Castles of Mad King Ludwig (with Secrets expansion) (published: 2015) excellent
Crown of Emara w/ Gen Con promos excellent
Dice Throne (edition: 1st) (published: 2018) excellent
Galaxy Trucker / Galaxy Trucker: The Big Expansion (edition: 1st) excellent
Ghost Stories (published: 2008) excellent
Ravine w/The Spirits expansion (published: 2017, 2018) excellent
Red Rising (edition: Collector's, English) excellent
Sprawlopolis with all expansions good
Villainous (Base and Evil Comes Prepared Expansion) excellent
Wok Star (edition: Kickstarter edition; includes 2014 Paige Turner promo card) (published: 2010) good

11:30 am

Title Condition
Alice Is Missing excellent
Caverna (published: 2013) excellent
Deception: Murder in Hong Kong excellent
Everdell excellent
Flamme Rouge (with Peloton expansion) excellent
Fog of Love (edition: Contains three expansions: Paranormal Romance, It Will Never Last, and Trouble With the In-laws) (published: 2017) excellent
GI JOE Mission Critical (with Heavy Firepower, Retro Snake Eyes, and Vehicle Pack 1 expansions) (published: 2022) excellent
Modern Art (published: 2004) good
Oceans w/ Kickstarter Extras (published: 2020) excellent
Roll and Write bundle (Three Sisters and Motor City) (edition: Kickstarter) excellent
Suburbia + Suburbia Inc expansion (edition: 1) (published: 2012) excellent
Talisman Kingdom Hearts excellent

12:00 pm

Title Condition
Altiplano + 3 expansions (The Traveler, Alpaca Rider Role Tile, Sunny Days) (published: 2018) excellent
Azul + Joker Tiles & Special Factories Promos excellent
Caylus with the Jeweler Expansion (edition: English/French 2nd Edition) (published: 2005) good
Cleopatra and The Society of Architects (edition: Days of Wonder; English) (published: 2006) excellent
Gloomhaven (edition: Gloomhaven bundle: Gloomhaven core game, Gloomhaven Forgotten Circles, two Gloomhaven removable stickers) excellent
Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle with expansions (edition: Hogwarts Battle, charms and potions, monster box of monsters) excellent
Paleo (2020) excellent
Star Wars Rebellion excellent
Teotihuacan City of Gods (published: 2018) excellent
The Night Cage excellent
Unmatched: Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot (published: 2019) fair (compenents excellent. box damaged)
Yellow & Yangtze (edition: 1st) (published: 2018) excellent

12:30 pm

Title Condition
Assassin’s Creed Orlog (edition: Kickstarter) (published: 2022) excellent
Bang! The Dice Game (published: 2013) excellent
Clank w/ Adventuring Party Expansion (edition: Clank and Clank Adventuring Party) excellent
Dominion with Intrigue and Seaside good
Empires of the North w/ Barbarian Hordes Expansion and Roman Banners Expansion with Sleeves excellent
Imhotep with Private Ships and Stonemason's Wager mini expansions (edition: English) (published: 2016) good
Kingdom Builder + Crossroads Expansion + Capitol Promo, in base game box (edition: First Edition) (published: 2011) good
Le Havre (edition: Complete Edition) good
Roll Player excellent
Shogun (edition: 1st) (published: 2006) good
Wildlands excellent
Xcom: The Board Game (published: 2015) excellent

1:00 pm

Title Condition
Above and Below (published: 2015) excellent
Boonlake good
Castles of Burgundy (edition: English) (published: 2011) excellent
Condottiere excellent
Fort (published: 2020) excellent
Honey Buzz excellent
Letters from Whitechapel excellent
Pandemic Legacy Trilogy (edition: Blue, Black) (published: 2015) excellent
Secret Hitler good
Star Wars Rebellion (published: 2016) excellent
Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun excellent
Votes for Women excellent

2:00 pm

Title Condition
Ark Nova excellent
Bloodborne (published: 2018) excellent
Clans of Caledonia (new/sealed) excellent
Eminent Domain + Expansion (edition: 1) (published: 2011) excellent
Lost Ruins of Arnak excellent
Nemo’s War (edition: 2nd) (published: 2017) excellent
Raiders of the North Sea excellent
Seasons (published: 2012) excellent
Sleeping Gods (published: 2021) excellent
Terraforming Mars Ares expansion (edition: collector's) (published: 2021) excellent
Under Falling Skies excellent

2:30 pm

Title Condition
Azul Summer Pavillion excellent
Cosmic Encounter (with two expansions in box) good
Flamme Rouge + Peloton Expansion excellent
Galaxy Trucker 2nd Ed (published: 2021) excellent
Gloomhaven (edition: Gloomhaven Core Game. 9 missions played (with stickers on board), all other elements reset to base. Includes organizers) good
K2 excellent
Kingdom Builder Big Box (edition: 1) excellent
Mind MGMT (edition: Retail) (published: 2021) excellent
Paladins of the West Kingdom good
Small World with Underground, Realms, and assorted small expansions good
The Grizzled excellent
Viticulture good

3:00 pm

Title Condition
Age of Steam (edition: Kickstarter) excellent
Ankh excellent
Banish the Snakes (published: 2023) excellent
Clank! In! Space! A Deck-Building Adventure (published: 2017) excellent
Dead of Winter + The Long Night (edition: Both games purchased in 2016 - I will sell them separately if people would prefer - I just need to separate the pieces out.) excellent
Ghost Stories (published: 2008) excellent
Mansions of Madness (published: 2011) good
Mysterium + Hidden Signs exp. + Secrets & Lies exp. + Folded Space Insert + 2016 and 2017 Advent Calendar Promos excellent
Root excellent
Star Wars Rebellion excellent
The Red Cathedral (published: 2020) excellent
Village (edition: Stronghold Games) (published: 2015) excellent

3:30 pm

Title Condition
Betrayal at House on the Hill + Widow's Walk Expansion (edition: 2nd) (published: 2010) excellent
Brass Birmingham excellent
Destinies excellent
Detective City of Angels (New in Shrink) (edition: English Edition) (published: 2019) excellent
Dice Throne: Season 1 Rerolled and Dice Throne Adventures (published: 2020) excellent
Fort with Cats and Dogs Expansion excellent
It's a Wonderful Kingdom - Legends Box (published: 2022) excellent
Palaces of Carrara (edition: KS) excellent
Tapestry (published: 2019) excellent
Terraforming Mars excellent
Twilight Imperium (2nd Edition) (edition: 2nd) (published: 2000) excellent

4:00 pm

Title Condition
Among the Stars - includes Revival, Expanding the Alliance, Ambassadors, Promos, Metal coins, Wooden Insert (published: 2012) excellent
Beyond the Sun (with promo cards) excellent
Corrosion (edition: English Ed.) (published: 2021) excellent
Crown of Emara excellent
Gloomhaven (edition: 1st) (published: 2018) excellent
Keyflower (published: 2012) excellent
Le Havre (with Le Grand Hameau expansion) (published: 2008) excellent
Merlin + Arthur Expansion excellent
Scythe excellent
Sidereal Confluence (Original Printing, in shrink but shrink torn) (edition: 1) excellent
Troyes (published: 2011) excellent

4:30 pm

Title Condition
Gentes (In Shrink) (edition: 1) excellent
Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion (edition: Third Printing) (published: 2020) good
Goa (published: 2004) excellent
Neta-Tanka: Deluxe Edition (edition: Deluxe Edition) (published: 2019) excellent
Power Grid Lot: Power Grid; The New Power Plants Set 1; France/Italy Map set (edition: 1st) (published: 2004) excellent
Robinson Crusoe good
Sleeping Gods (edition: Includes hand painted Manticore miniature.) (published: 2021) excellent
Star Wars: Imperial Assault Core Box excellent
The Voyages of Marco Polo (edition: 1) (published: 2015) excellent
Twilight Imperium Rex (published: 2012) excellent

5:00 pm

Title Condition
Dark Souls the Card Game (with 2 expansions Seekers of Humanity and Forgotten Paths) good
Firefly: the game and Blue Sun Expansion excellent
Ghost Stories excellent
Oath excellent
Pax Renaissance (published: 2016) good
Rex: Final Days of an Empire excellent
Terra Mystica plus Fire & Ice expansion (published: 2012, 2013) excellent
War of the Ring (edition: 1st (Fantasy Flight)) (published: 2004) good

5:30 pm

Title Condition
Cosmic Encounter (edition: Mayfair) fair (Complete, but shows it’s age.)
Fields of Fire (published: 2008) excellent
Inferno: Guelphs and Ghibellines Vie for Tuscany (published: 2023) excellent
Mage Knight (published: 2011) excellent
Mansions of Madness good
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords w/all the bonus adventure decks (7) (published: 2013) excellent
Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem + Grim Bastards and Calaveras expansions excellent
Spirit Island (published: 2017) excellent
Tidal Blades Heroes of the Reef: Part 1, Tidal Blades Heroes of the Reef Angler's Cove Expansion excellent
Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team Octarius excellent